ViSalus Products- Products to Help You Lose Weight

With New Years right around the corner, everyone is starting to make their New Years Resolutions. The most common resolutions are ones made about losing weight. It’s a new year, so let’s start shedding off those unwanted pounds to help become the version of ourselves that we really want to be. If you are entering into a new year with weight loss goals in mind, you may not know how to reach them in the best way possible. There are many different weight loss companies out there, so which do you choose? One weight loss company that is really starting to make some head way into the world of losing weight is ViSalus.

ViSalus is the company that created and supports the 90-day challenge, Body By Vi. You may have heard of this weight loss program as it’s become very popular. But that is not the only reason this company is worth trying. They have created a number of products that will help you in your goal to becoming more slim.

Product #1: Vi-Shape 
When it comes to losing weight, drinking protein or nutritional shakes are very important. They are good for the body and they offer a lot of great health benefits. Vi-Shape is a great tasting shake that provides many different nutrients. It will help you lose weight and it is designed to support the energy of your muscles. The shake is free of sugar, lactose and gluten which means that it’s great for everyone, even diabetics. It offers a blend of various minerals and vitamins that support and increase your physical activity. Many love this shake simply because it tastes great. It doesn’t have the “powder” taste that many health shakes have.
Vi Shape

Product #2: ViSalus Go
Forget 5 Hour Energy, take a ViSalus Go instead. By drinking this product, you’ll have instant energy that will last you hours. This drink supports and increases endurance as well as performance. Whether your drinking it to increase your energy for a workout or for a day at the office, you’ll have the energy you need for whatever tasks the day brings you.
visalus go

Product #3: ViSalus Pro 
If you are looking for a way to prolong your energy, drink ViSalus Pro. This is a powder energy drink that will increase your endurance, stamina and muscle energy. In this product, there is a sweetener and that is what supports your muscle energy. The great thing about this sweetener is that it is made to be non-insulin. This product is made with an apple extract to increase your overall health as well as provide you with the energy you need and a great taste.

Product #4: Nutra-Cookie 
If you’ve been looking for a good snack that has very little calories and fat, give Nutra-Cookie a try. These cookies offer a great amount of fiber, protein and fruits and vegetables that will help regulate your appetite. Everyone gets hungry in the middle of the day and in-between meals. There are three different flavors that these cookies come in and that is Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut butter and Chocolate Chip.
nutra cookieProduct #5: Vi-Slim 
Your metabolism is a very important part of your health and losing weight. It’s how your body will burn fat naturally and safely. This is why you need to take measures to boost your metabolism, and Vi-Slim will lend a helping hand in doing that. These are tablets are proven to help you lose around 10-15 more pounds a year when you combine them with the correct diet and exercise.

Vi Slim

Are ViSalus Products Miracle Solutions To Weight Loss?

ViSalusIf you’re anything like me you’ve heard lots about ViSalus products and how much they can help you lose weight. Some of the marketing is, frankly, a bit over the top. As a person with a sincere interest in health and fitness I thought I’d do a bit of investigating of my own and share with you the end results.

Let’s see what the truth is about ViSalus and weight loss. Here’s what I found.

* The ViSalus Line
Well the first thing we needed to establish is just what’s ViSalus offers. They have many products and some are more of a general interest. We’re sticking with focusing on ViSalus for weight loss here. The general idea behind ViSalus’s weigh loss program is to replace certain meals with a healthy, lower calorie shake designed by their Doctors and fitness professionals. These shakes are generally offered in kits. The two that are most directed towards weight loss are the Balance Kit and the Shape Kit. The difference being the Balance Kit contains 30 shakes (intended to 1 use a day) where the Shape Kit contains 60 shakes (intended to replace 2 meals a day.) The suggestion is for those who need more weight loss or would like to lose weight faster is to go with Shape Kit. Those closer to their fitness goals to use the Balance kit.

* OK. So What’s In The ViSalus Shake?

The shake, which is the foundation of the ViSalus weight loss program is named Shape. Really whether the program succeeds for weight loss or not hinges on just what’s in the shake and how well it works. There’s good news here, because Shape impresses. In fact just one shake contains: The Vitamin D of a dozen eggs, the Vitamin E of over a cup of broccoli, the B12 of at least 2 chicken breasts… I could go on, but you get the idea. At under 100 calories and with a fantastic taste too. I don’t throw around the word miracle lightly, but in my opinion this is a miracle accomplishment on the part of ViSalus that can be real magic for weight loss if you use them combined with a sound fitness program. Shape will help you get into shape, that’s for sure!

* The Visalus Challenge

A cool thing about ViSalus that really enhances it’s likeliness to inspire a weight loss miracle is their sponsoring of a 90 Day Challenge. This is a on going weight loss contest for the people using their products. Whoever has the most remarkable transformations wins. All sorts of great prizes are involved and before and after photos are shared and stories discussed. This, to me, is a part of what really makes the ViSalus weight loss program special. It offers a community and support network that makes it much more likely you’ll continue using their products and accomplish your goals. I was. No matter how great the product motivation is a main key to success. If you don’t use it, you won’t lose weight. ViSalus has creatively fought that problem is a imaginative way with contests like this!

* ViSalus Delivers!

Overall I give ViSalus two thumbs up as a weight loss program. It can be a true miracle if you use the products as directed and throw your heart and mind into your goals. Top recommendation!

Visalus Review: Is Visalus a Scam?

visalusIn order to find out whether or not Visalus is a scam, there are a few essential aspects that need to be taken into account. Want to join this company? Well, before you join, it is important to take a look at this all important review about Visalus. Once you have read this review, you would find yourself to be in a better position to be able to decide if the company is right for you.

For those of you who do not know, Visalus was launched in 2008, founded by Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola, and Blake Mallen. Visalus is a combination of two important words; ‘Via’, a latin word meaning life and Salus, which means fitness and success. The name describes their business as well as their purpose. They lay stress upon the importance of health and fitness in one’s life. In the following paragraphs, you would be able to explore some of the most crucial details regarding this product. Is Visalus a scam? Read on for details.

Visalus is not a Fraud:

To find out exactly if Visalus is a fraud, it is important to understand the meaning of the word ‘fraud’. A fraud or scam is known as a fraudulent scheme or program that is solely based on using different tricks to steal money out of the pocket of the people. When you think of a fraud MLM company, the first thing that comes to mind about the company is that they are only there to form a down-line. They do not offer products or services to their consumers or clients. All they want to do is to make money by recruiting people into their program. This is known as a pyramid scheme. You need to be aware of such companies.
As far as Visalus is concerned, this is a legitimate company, offering real products to the consumers. Their products include weight loss supplements that can be used to help people with their weight loss plans. Considering the product they are offering, there is hardly any chance of them being illegal or scam.

If you hear allegations of Visalus being a fraud, then it is very likely that the people making these allegations are those 97 percent who fail in this industry. When someone is not able to get the kind of success he wants or wishes for, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is that the program or scheme is a total rip-off. It is important for you to understand the fact that this company is not just any other get-rich-quick type of scheme. Just like any other real money making prospect, it needs you to put in both effort and time to get desired benefits.
Now as far as the remaining 3 percent of people are concerned, they are not complaining about it at all. In fact, they are the people who have dedicated their efforts and time to be able to reach their goals. Thus, the crust of the review is that it is not a scam. However, to achieve success, you will have to do what others couldn’t and that is to work hard.

The benefits of the Visalus weight loss shakes

It seems that recently weight loss shakes are the most effective way to consider for everyone who is determined to lose weight in a short period of time. To be more precise, the Visalus shakes are the miraculous weight loss solution that so many people are using right now and the truth is that they are in a league of their own. Everyone who has tried them has only great things to say about the effects they’ve experienced. However, there are still people who question whether these shakes are actually as useful as the many reviews online claim to be.

Well, first of all people should know that this is a product coming from ViSalus Sciences and it’s being sold as a very effective and at the same time, safe weight loss solution. Even though most of the time the company focuses on offering meal replacement protein shakes, it also sells many other products like omega fatty acid supplements, mineral and multi-vitamin combinations, appetite suppressants, drink mixes and so forth. What’s actually great is that many of the aforementioned products are combined together in a special way to provide people with maximum results.


ViSalus seems to have found a very interesting way of combining the effects of meal replacement shakes with powerful ingredients that make people shed off their extra pounds easily and with no effort at all. ViSalus Sciences’ products are very well known for its fast slimming effects which most of the times women who are in distress of having to attend different special events in their life consider. Using it they manage to lose weight just in the nick of time and look gorgeous in their newly sculpted body.

The good news is that Body Vi By Visalus shake is really a neat product that features a multi mineral and vitamin pack, but also omega fatty agents and anti aging supplements, too. It’s recommended that before taking it, people will speak with their physician and nutritionist, especially if they’re on blood thinning drugs, if they are lactating or pregnant.

Health benefits

Before people take Visalus shakes, people should know that this is actually a product that’s nutritionally sound and it has also been around since 2005. This means Visalus is not only proven to be effective, but thousands of people have already tried it and lost their extra fat. The Visalus shake contains high amounts of proteins, omega fatty acids, minerals and anti aging compounds and once individuals start taking it, their body will begin a very deep transformation towards a lean look they’d never thought possible. Some people worry about hungry pangs, but there won’t be any, as this product has been designed in such a way that people will lose weight without even feeling it.

With the Visalus shakes people can generally lose around five pounds per week, which is amazing, especially if they are down on their knees with trying every other product out there and failing miserably. At the same time, people are also entering a very special contest when they start their diet with these shakes and if they lose the weight they have planned after 90 days of taking these supplements, they can win a vacation to different parts of the world. With that being said, it seems that now anyone can finally lose weight at their own pace, but also have the chance of winning a fabulous prize. What can be better than this?

10 things to know about ViSalus

Weight Loss1. It sells Health and wellness products.
ViSalus is a company that provides Michigan based products for weight loss. Smoothies, nutritional supplements, vitamins and anti-aging products are just some of them.

2. Uses MLM business approach.
It undertakes a multi-level marketing (MLM) approach for marketing and distributing their products, wherein the customers advertise products and become distributors by selling products to others. In this way it a good opportunity to start a business from home.


3. Packages Offered.
It costs $ 49 to be a distributer with them. If you wish to enjoy the complete compensation plan, purchase a successful executive plan for $ 499. $ 999package provides everything that is in the $ 499 package and tops it up with 30 additional sample packs to distribute to your prospects. You will also get a free 30-day subscription to their marketing system “Vi-Net Pro” to help you with your business. After the trial, the membership fee will cost $ 24 per month.

4. Training new distributors.
ViSalus is a business, where you need to market and sell the products among your relatives, friends, co-workers or anyone who can benefit from their products or business opportunities. Holding in- house meetings is a marketing method that ViSalus would train you on.

5. Rewards and Compensations.
ViSalus offers 8 ways in which distributors can earn by selling their products. These include:

Personal & sales commissions for direct customers
Weekly Enroller’s Pool
Bonus on your first order
Fast Start Bonus
BMW Bonus
Team commissions
Leadership Bonus Pool
Ambassador Star Bonus

visalusTheir compensation plan rewards mainly for capabilities of training downline and team building. This acts as a motivator to start efforts towards recruiting immediately.
As you reach higher in your business for ViSalus, you get promoted to 6 leadership positions in the company namely Associate, Director, Regional director, National Director, Presidential Director and Ambassador in ascending order. The desire to achieve a higher position of leadership makes the compensation even more lucrative for ViSalus customers and distributors.

6. 50% of the company’s profit is returned to distributors.
Unlike other companies where only the top level administration makes a lot of money and others end up getting fixed salaries, ViSalus gives a very balanced percentage of profits to all the new distributors. Rather than emphasizing on the members at the top ViSalus prefers to put money on members of the community by returning 50% of the profits to the distributers.

7. The best of two worlds: Products and Services.
ViSalus is a product company where people often buy products not only because of reasonable price but also because the excellent quality of products gives an excellent service.

8. Speed and Strategy.
Distributors have access to a waiting period of 60 days where they can register their new members, track their progress, place them with the right branch and create a team as strong as possible.
The salary is paid on Monday for the previous week ending on Thursday. The ranks are celebrated with great pleasure and paid vacations are sanctioned to the national director and president. A bonus of $ 25,000 is given to the ambassadors.

9. Simplicity.
By registering three customers, distributors receive their free products kit each month. Statistics point out that ViSalus has more customers than distributors so it is very easy to have 3 clients per month.
Compensation programs are simple and effective. You sell products to three customers and you become a distributor. Add three distributors to your chain and become a director. When you have 6 directors in your team, you receive your free BMW bonus. Assisting, three members to have their BMW bonus, you become National Director. Assisting 6 BMW bonuses you become a Presidential Director and your salary increases to 6 figures. And once you assist 12 BMW bonuses, you become the ambassador.

10. ViSalus is not a Scam.
ViSalus is a health and fitness firm that sells its high quality products through a very effective marketing strategy and hence has grown tremendously over a short span of time. It also provides business opportunity to those who are looking for some additional income.
With that said, if you are an expert at using all the new marketing techniques to build a profitable home based business, ViSalus is a genuine company to work with.